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 My name is John Mehrmann, and I'm a composer living in Maine with my wife and our sons. 

Through some happy chances I've found rewarding work with great collaborators.


My filmmaker colleagues include Kristen Buckels, Devereux Milburn, Dale Schierholt and Dan Kennedy, and our films have been premiered and featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, the Palm Springs International Film Festival, the Santa Fe International Film Festival, the Cleveland International Film Festival, Sitges International Film Festival, Rome Film Fest, Short Com Film Festival and many others.


I also have a special interest in a cappella choral music as music director of VoXX: Voice of Twenty, and I work as a percussionist with the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, and as a church organist and pianist. All of these different musical interests work their way into my music in sometimes surprising ways.


My recordings can be heard on Svart Records and MovieScore Media. Thanks for your visit!

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