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One of the best film scores of the year." Movies in Focus

"In truth, I don’t think I have ever heard film music like this absolutely fascinating auditory experience, a hypnotic soundscape that drew me in and compelled me to listen to it over and over."

Movie Music UK

"...above all a truly disturbing soundtrack that combines source noise with composer John Mehrmann’s musical score – a mix of synthesizers, unsettling percussive bongs and bubble pops, and what sounds like a theremin having a very bad day."

The Guardian

"Milburn puts an original spin on the familiar beats of the backwoods shock genre thanks to his hallucinatory storytelling, John Mehrmann’s unnerving score and Spielberg’s fervid performance."

 The New York Times

"An unforgettable horror movie score... Composer John Mehrmann utilizes organic sounds in order to create a menacing atmosphere that is unlike any other... like a symphony of foley."

"Perfect score"

"Props to John Mehrmann for a largely hummed score that adds immensely to the weirdness." Joshua Rothkopf, New York Film Critics Circle

 "...incredible score by John Mehrmann. Part ASMR video, part jangly semi-experimental nightmare, the sound work does an incredibly efficient job of building the film's mood and atmosphere." Horror DNA

"John Mehrmann’s skincrawling, atonal music for HONEYDEW doesn’t just signal a mood, or an emotion, it wants to ensure the film is felt to your marrow." Britflicks Awards, Best Music

 "a supremely off-kilter score by John Mehrmann" Scream Magazine

"I don’t know what to call the score by John Mehrmann. It’s kind of there and it’s kind of everywhere throughout the film, all the time. Call it experimental? It plinks and plonks in the background and is supported by these primal vocalizations? It’s so weird and creates a beguiling soundscape for the film."

"Honeydew had me utterly hypnotized... John Mehrmann’s score really added to that style; made it, even... this one was not overdone in the slightest; patient and rich, with a blend of voice and electronic sounds."Ready Steady Cut

“the sound-layering, that overwhelming soundtrack which combines choral elements with the ominous sound of metal being drawn across metal, like blades being sharpened… Honeydew’s crowning glory is in its atmosphere.” Warped Perspective

"It is a rather intense listening experience, a sinister and a surprising work, with the composer employing sounds rather than music to create moods and atmospheres."

Movie Music International

"composer John Mehrmann... painstakingly patched together a mixture of strange percussion and wordless mutterings that perpetually unbalance the household." The Austin Chronicle

"This has an outstanding music score by John Mehrmann." Kim Newman @ The Kim Newman Website

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